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Maroc Hamam Spa

Maroc Hammam Spa is the women’s only ultimate urban sanctuary for those seeking solace from the day-to-day hustle. Balancing the physical, sensorial, and emotional responses which contribute to overall health and wellness, we offer modern day treatments inspired by ancient rituals. After getting any service get relaxed in luxurious waiting area enjoying Moroccan Tea served with Baklava Mediterranean desert.

Hamams/body scrubs have played a significant role in the Moroccan culture for centuries. This traditional steam room is used in Morocco at least once a week for a ritual based body treatment that involves the steaming, scrubbing and massaging of the skin until it glows. Not only is the Hamam part of the weekly routine, it is also considered part of the cultural heritage of the country. A high number of Moroccan women go to the Hamam in group, with their friends. Carrying their buckets and small chairs, they head toward the place of joy and sharing, the Hamam, where they are able to relax and take care of their bodies.

The undeniable benefits of steam and heat you get from Hamam therapy mean there are few treatments in the world as effective as this. The healing properties, warmth and steam of a traditional Hamam make it incredibly beneficial for both the mind and body. The Hamam’s hot steam opens the skin pores releasing toxins, bacteria and other impurities making it ready for the deep exfoliation.