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Spa Etiquette & Policies

Spa Package Cancellations

Because the Spa services are reserved for you, please notify us 24 hours in advance for individual services and group packages. As a courtesy the Spa confirms all appointments, however, it is the client’s responsibility to remember their appointment.

Guests are responsible for 100% of the cost of the services scheduled regardless of the reason for cancelling. We simply charge the same cancellation fee whether it’s a spontaneous weekend away or the flu bug.

We appreciate your understanding.

This Cancellation Fee is designed to provide partial compensation for our dedicated Estheticians, who rely on a busy schedule for a rewarding career. This policy helps us retain great employees.

Children under 13 are not permitted in the spa, unless they are receiving services. If for any reason a child is brought into the spa and your appointment must be rescheduled, our rescheduling fees will apply. If you do not arrive on time, that time comes out of your service time.

Health Issues

Please advise us of any health issues such as high blood pressure, heart condition, allergies, pregnancy, or any condition that may prohibit a particular treatment. Anyone with medical conditions entering the spa are at their own risk.

No Valuables

Maroc Hamam Spa accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of any personal belongings. So kindly secure all your belongings.

Inside Voices and behavior

We want all of our guests to have a peaceful and relaxing experience. We request that you lower your voice when talking, turn your mobile phones off or put in on silent mode, as well so as not to disturb the other guests. No littering allowed.

Open Shower Area Rules

OpenShower Area/Group hamam is 1 hour 30 min for $15, every 30 minutes increment $5 more will be charged.

Bring your own towels and products, we do sell products and provide towel set for $10.

Please keep voices low at all times.

No one under 13 years old is allowed in the spa.

13-17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No phones are allowed in the bath area and it has to be on silent in other areas.

Steam Room

No shaving is allowed in the steam room..

No scrubbing or going with a mud mask in the steam room.

No littering allowed.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.