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The Maroc Hammam Spa Ensemble

Behind every transformative experience at Maroc Hammam Spa stand the architects of beauty and wellness: our dedicated team. With an unparalleled blend of expertise in ancient rituals and modern techniques, each member plays a pivotal role, sculpting holistic journeys tailored to our clientele’s unique needs.

Crafting Each Hammam Experience

Our team, the heartbeat of Maroc Hammam Spa, is more than just skilled estheticians and therapists. They are curators of well-being, melding the art of Moroccan traditions with contemporary spa practices, ensuring that every guest steps out with a rejuvenated spirit and radiant glow.


Victoria Prutean


Blessed with rich experience, Victoria elegantly intertwines age-old beauty traditions with today's cutting-edge approaches at Maroc Hammam Spa. Inspired by the timeless Moroccan rituals and contemporary techniques like Hydrodermabrasion, she dedicates herself to providing each client a seamless fusion of past wisdom and modern brilliance.


Nooshin Fareghi


Nooshin, with years of refined expertise, personifies Maroc Hammam's essence. Her profound understanding of both time-honored spa rituals and cutting-edge skincare practices ensures that every session she conducts is a symphony of well-being, offering clients a journey through deep-rooted traditions to contemporary serenity.